Shows from Fortuna Fire Crew

Do you have a wedding, birthday or company event? Book your individual fire show, we have different shows for every occasion which every audience will take part, whether indoors or outdoors.

The props we use are all unique and made for us and the shows, let yourself be surprised by the many and unique highlights.

With our artists trained in pyrotechnics, we have the opportunity to play even bigger and indentation-like shows and to light fireworks.

Fire Show

The fire shows of the Fortuna Fire Crew are unique and tailored to your event.
In addition to the fire juggling, the artists master the fire breathing in a unique way that amazes everyone.

Fire eating is also one of the strengths of the Fortuna Fire Crew, which looks like magic. This combination promises a unique and unique show tailored to your event

Pyro- Fireshow

A show that is fascinating and spectacular, besides the fire juggling we used specially developed pyrotechnic juggling. The effects range from a few centimeters to 20 meters in height and can change into colors and shapes.

Thanks to our trained artists we are also allowed to shoot fireworks. Combined with a fire show we amaze every audience.

Theme Shows

We have special and unique props and shows special packages that can only be put together for your event.

For weddings we have a two meter high burning heart which makes every wedding and its photos unique.

We are able to create light letters and fire scripts. Ideal for birthdays or anniversaries.

We have custom-made props for various themes. The burning dragon which is four meters long and is carried by two artists. The burning wings that an artist wears and amazes people. Of course we have more props, let's surprise you.  

LED Show

The artists of the Fortuna Fire Crew can not only work with fire. They master it to deceive the senses with light. An enchanting show that amazes every audience.

The LED Walkact on stilts. A luminous appearance more than two meters high which dances, juggles and animates.
A walk act that only exists once which is not to be overlooked and captivates the audience. Let yourself be enchanted by our LED Walk Act at your event.

In addition to normal LED juggling which shine in different colors, we still have juggling which logos and images can produce. You can integrate your company logo or a message into the show so give the show your personal touch.
A show that enchants the senses and takes the audience into another world.